Thursday, July 30, 2015

Big Picture Progress: Solid and Gradual

Summer Fare:  Benefit extensions for stroke, Telemedicine rehabilitation, and NVC widens the tent 

Reporting in from the western regional task force meeting of the American Stroke Association there are a couple of lights at the end of the tunnel that are worth keeping our eyes on. As we well know after 36 years of providing long term rehabilitation, you can and will show improvement if you keep working at it no matter how long it has been since your last stroke. Practice, repetition and the will to keep trying along with the support that helps you to greet every new day as an opportunity makes all the difference. The group brought a revised time line from the investigating stroke physicians not stating that improvement can be documented for the first five months following a stroke. This extends the time from the earlier three months time frame. While we still do not agree with this, it may pave the way for some extension of benefits which will help all survivors and their families get more and better treatment.

The second item of interest was the report of the trials for telemedicine rehabilitation that are taking place at University of California Irvine. This is a computer based system that can be placed in the home and the patient can use it to encourage use of the limbs. This program could impact numbers of those unable to travel or without access to programs like what exist here in Palm Springs. We will be watching this very carefully to see if it is something that we can build on to help those who fall outside the easily driveable radius to partake in person at our facility.

Keep your eye on the web site for the new programs for Multiple Sclerosis and for Parkinson’s. We have a support group meeting here for Parkinson's and for caregiver’s of people with Parkinson's every Tuesday. We hope to continue that into the fall and will be introducing a menu of programs and services to help those who need extra rehabilitation.

Enjoy the summer – keep cool and remember to hydrate. 

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